Reactions on my work

What do people say about my work?

It reminds me of the book which I liked a lot as a child: The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway.

Beautiful, gives peace, light and hope and makes you realize how beautiful life can be if you have an eye for it.

The theme appeals to me and for a moment I don’t feel here when I think of the accompanying text… So peaceful and it evokes inner peace in me. In these times something that is very necessary ♡

On top of a windmill you can see the egalitarian landscape. Flat with no difference in level. A metaphor of the Dutch population where everyone is equal without hierarchy. Surrounded by the elements.. beautiful!

Emily’s work for me symbolizes the closing of the old time and beginning of a new golden age of the Light, where we go in and discover the rock of love within ourselves and step on it, so we can take on the whole world, in good health.

This work captures all dimensions of light for me.

The combination of the aspect art, light and life. I think these are three aspects for an inspiring life through the attention to the light that people need, variety and color when you discover art and the connection with real life in the now.

The way Emily speaks about life and light stirs feelings

“The soul of Flevoland is reflected in word and image”

I find the courage of Emily Lara Kabos to climb on top of a windmill extremely inspiring and to come to such a beautiful (word) image has touched me.


The soul of Flevoland is reflected in images and words.

This film provides a special perspective on Flevoland and refers almost casually to highlights from art history. But what I find especially magical is the emotion Emily Kabos evokes with this poem every time I hear it.

Pretty moving.

This touches my soul.

A poem at a great height, close to the light.

This is one of the most beautiful light moments in the polder. A beautiful metaphor of this time photographed by Emily

You can give a free and beautiful image a place in your own world. With a matching story.

Emily is so inspiring: beautifully spoken.

Emily Kabos openbaart innerlijke gevoelens over het verleden en heden. Haar keuze voor de toekomst is in ontwikkeling.

Emily’s work takes you on a journey through time. While hearing and seeing her Light Poem, emotions such as fear, sadness, joy and melancholy alternate at lightning speed. Her artworks are rollercoasters of emotions.

An extra world opens up for me, intense.

It contains the most movement, open, outwardly focused and stimulates your own imagination.

Harināma-Saṅkīrtana! Meaning the Most Precious Gift

It’s beautiful and really an experience

It is unique in appearance

The light and space are beautiful, the poem makes you feel as if you are floating high above all earthly things, detached indeed, just like David Bowie’s Major Tom.

The Light Poem remains movingly beautiful, no matter how often you hear and see it. The image of the spinning mills is beautiful, while you know how big they are. I also like how the pointing hand follows the lines in the polder and in the air.

It seems to be mysterious.

What I find beautiful in this light-poem video by Emily Lara Kabos is the union of light and darkness – like life itself – in the confidence that the light will conquer the darkness.

It stimulates all the senses

It radiates peace, space and infinity. There is always light on the horizon!

It radiates peace, space and infinity. There is always light on the horizon!

I’ve always loved the sun. This image helps your mind drift off to possibilities of the future. A future of creativity and hope.

I love the poetry in Emily’s work! Reall beauty!

In these dark times this gives me an enchanting feeling.

It changed my state of mind into another welcoming perspective.

Comes straight to the heart, and makes you long for the origin of life from the light that is light years distant everywhere.

A matter of feeling that cannot be put into words.

Light poem is beautiful in terms of text, recognizable but at the same time a glimpse into the thoughts of the artist. A beautiful example of mind awareness, something that can help us know ourselves and increase our agency.

Light, sky and sun is a beautiful reflection of the light of life. It gives and brings life. The source of everything.

My choice fell on Emily Kabos’s work, because she knows how to grab me with her passionate and passionate way of an ode to light with her light poem and playing with the light. It moved me very much. I find her so genuine and happy.

Beautiful poem, very moving. Serene images.

New beginning new opening… The light shining through the window of sky..

Because the work touches me to my soul

Original and daring, high quality.

Beautiful play with the light

Beautiful hopeful pursuit of light in this dark time

Sublime experience; people need to see this.

Taken from a great height, close to heaven and the cross is perceived. Poem fits in beautiful with that. As if you can see from the mind.

Because of the ode to light, a bull’s eye in these dark times! Chapeau!

Freedom and connection. The small everyday and the big. Sweet and cool – a work you can wear like a coat

What freedom, what light, what space!

So much warmth, peace and love a joy to dream away with.